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Techreo Capabilities

Techreo Capabilities illustration
  • 1.75” – 8” OD tubes
  • Lengths – up to 72” single piece, longer via stepped-tube configuration (provide a link to Products page)
  • Any wall thickness
  • Wide range of metals, carbon fiber tubes, other materials
  • Our capacity continues to scale up

Techreo can optimize our structural tubes to optimize the overall strength, and the strength-to-weight ratio to meet your application’s needs.

Techreo Damping Graph

Damped Vibration

Unwanted vibration inaccuracy and ring-down time can be designed-out using Techreo’s innovative approach. Any long-reach application (part placement, stamping, welding, grinding, inspections, ablation) can achieve positional accuracy and increase production rate / reliability with our patented tube design. Ring-down times are up to 70X better than aluminum.

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