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Wecome to Techreo

This is where technology and innovation come to life! We love to invent and are passionate about finding a better way and doing it in a way that provides long-term business success.

“Innovate or die” is a harsh reality for many businesses but most organizations have limited innovation capability. We can help with product design, process, equipment, or manufacturing challenges.

  • 41 Years Of Experience

    Techreo has many business successes and patents to our credit.

  • Innovation Leadership

    We are committed to developing and deploying breakthrough technologies

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The Techreo Mission

Invent, develop, and deploy breakthrough technologies.

  • Disruptive Innovation

  • State of the Art Analysis

  • Technology Development & Prototyping

  • Manufacturing systems

  • Intellectual Property

Techreo Vision

  • Create new products and technologies that have disruptive capabilities.

  • Provide sustainable competitive advantages.

  • Broad technology platforms with multiple potential applications.

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