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Techreo is a Technology development and Innovation company with extensive practical experience in multiple industries. Our approach to innovation is rooted in proven methodologies which produce disruptive inventions. We have developed structural tubing with unique properties which enable automated robotic End of Arm Tooling (EOAT) to operate at higher levels of performance.

If your challenge is in vibration (bounce), deflection, or weight, our booms offer a breakthrough not currently available on the market. These benefits are most pronounced in longer (3 feet+) reaches.

Precision Layering of Materials and Adhesive Creates Unique Properties

  • Techreo Stainless Carbon Copper

    Stainless – Carbon – Copper

  • Techreo Stainless Carbon Stainless

    Stainless – Carbon – Stainless

  • Techreo Stainless – Carbon – Inconel®

    Stainless – Carbon – Inconel®

Techreo combines a wide range of materials into a tube wall in any desired combination.
This enables mechanical properties that just aren’t possible with single material tubes.

Lighter, More Rigid, Less “Bounce"

  • Techreo Tube Density 1000 Graph


  • Techreo Deflection Graph 1000


  • Techreo Vibration Graph 1000

Your automation project deserves the best tube/boom on the market. Aluminum Tubing is the default of many designs but Techreo offers breakthrough advantages in Density, Deflection, and Vibration (1% ring down time).

These advantages will improve your automation design’s weight capacity, speeed and accuracy. Set yourself apart from the competition and have Techreo design and produce a custom solution for you.

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